Telnet API & Mysql & Cisco Switch

Hi all,

In theory would the below be possible and has anyone had experience with this before?

Assuming the following.

Stack of cisco switches sitting on a remote site.
Onsite router configured as remote terminal server. SSH & telnet
Mysql database with required information. switch & port information, customer VLANs etc....

In theory would the following be possible

Use the telnet API to remotely connect and configure those switches using information stored in the MYSQL database via the remote terminal server?

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you can generate your cisco conf from information in the database and apply the conf using either the web gui or telnet/ssh. you can run all this from within a telnet/ssh session to your router. you'll need a decent shell on the router if you want to be able to send sql queries and do proper scripting. you should even be able to automate stuff so that changes in the db are picked automagically.

but then i'm unsure this will be helpful in real world but that would depend on your setup. also note that you don't have to generate ALL the config. it might be both easier and wiser to only generate the needed part (i guess ports config). beware that the cisco command line changes a little when you change versions so don't apply upgrades without testing again.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
MySQL uses it's own secure protocol and telnet can not be used to get info directly from it.  You generally need an application written in a language with a MySQL driver (Perl and PHP have such drivers) to get info from a MySQL server.  The only thing you can do with telnet or SSH is use the command line 'mysql' interface which lets you view info in the database.
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