Replacing the DC is it possible to retain Terminal server Profiles ?


This coming week we are replacing a clients DC, a windows 2008 SBS box.
They also have a Server 2003 Terminal server machine which remote uses connect to.
My question is, is it possible to retain the TS desktop's ? There are around 25.
We will need to attach the TS to the new internal domain and DC and I didn't really want to have to recreate all of the user desktops on the TS.

Thanks in advance
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First of all can I ask why you are rebuilding the entire domain? You should be able to migrate away from SBS 2008 to something newer without any massive hassle and maintain your users etc.

If it has to happen you have a few options, rejoining the new domain will, as you say, leave the recreated users with fresh TS profiles. You can either change the profile path their AD account to use the old path, or you can overwrite the newly created profile folder with the old one.

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t2sAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply btassure.
We have inherited the system from someone and migration isn't an option, due to many reasons that I won't bore you with.
It looks like the best option we have is to login to the TS once connected to the new domain and copy the old profile over the new.
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