CSS Print page break cuts off text

Hi Experts,

When i print a page on my website paragraphs are cut off where the page break is.

Is this affected by using a webfont kit?

Many thanks for any help given.
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Kyle HamiltonConnect With a Mentor Data ScientistCommented:
you could use the @page media query to add margins:

@page  { 
    size: auto;   /* auto is the initial value */ 

    /* this affects the margin in the printer settings */ 
    margin: 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm;  

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Kyle HamiltonData ScientistCommented:
it probably has nothing to do with webfont kit.

However, you need to provide more information. Best would be a link to your page, and a description of the undesirable behavior, with steps to reproduce.

Without knowing absolutely anything about your page it's impossible to give you a solution
maccaj51Author Commented:
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Kyle HamiltonData ScientistCommented:
if @page is not supported by someone's browser, they will need to adjust their own margins for their particular printer.
You can also use page-break to specify exactly where you want the page to break

maccaj51Author Commented:
Thanks for your help... this doesnt seem to have helped here:
view-source:http://monster3d.co.uk/wp-sdc/print/?id=1142 (changed domain)

Browser: Google Chrome
Kyle HamiltonData ScientistCommented:
I can see the larger margins in the print preview now.

What exactly is the problem? Please be more specific.
maccaj51Author Commented:
The text at the page break gets cut in half on the first page.
maccaj51Author Commented:
Got this to work - many thanks
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