Create Theme using SharePoint Designer 2007


I am using SharePoint 2007 WSS 3.0

I found some articles explaining how to modify a theme using SharePoint Designer.

What I would like to know is whether is possible to re-deploy this theme to other child sites on my server.

The reason why I would like to do this is because my hosting provider will not give me root access to the server and I am limited to using SP designer.
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Jamie McAllister MVPConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Creation of deployable themes is incredibly involved when compared to SharePoint 2010 and later. Short answer is no, there's no easy way to deploy your changes to other environments without going through the horror of creating a custom theme with all the CSS et al that entails.
Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
which SharePoint edition are you using? Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 OR Windows SharePoint Services 3.0?

In general, theme/style changes done via SharePoint designer are stored /written into the sites content database. AFAIK there is no export nor import functionality. Second if you change the theme on the site to something else, all changes are lost and could only be restored via database restore.

Does your hosting provider allow you to deploy a custom SharePoint solution? The only way I can see here to satisfy your needs would be either a complete SharePoint solution package (containing your theme) or manually deploying your theme files.

Jamie McAllister MVPConnect With a Mentor SharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Portable themes are a big job in 2007. I've commissioned them for projects, rather than done them myself. An experienced consultant takes about three days to complete one.
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