Exchange 2010 email attachment size auditing

Good afternoon Experts.

Is it possible to set up auditing in Exchange 2010 so that an administrator is notified every time an attachment over 5MB is sent out of the business?

I have already reviewed transport rules; for confidentiality reasons, I do not want the administrator to receive the emails so bcc as a transport rule is not a resolution. Also, the business wants emails this size and over to be routed, they just want to be notified, so setting a size limit restriction is not a resolution.
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arrorynConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I thought so; just making sure I hadn't left any stone unturned. Thanks for the prompt response.
You can perform Auditing in MS Exchange Server 2010 refer this article for the same
also you can go with any utility software for Exchange Auditing which give you instant alert and report for email attachment size when it would be needed check this tool and its functionality
Exchange server Auditor and reporter
arrorynAuthor Commented:
The first link I've reviewed - it's mailbox auditing, and doesn't cover my requirements of monitoring the email attachment size in transit / real-time.

I'm looking for built-in capability. I don't want to have third party tools integrating with the Exchange to achieve this. If that means it can't be achieved, then "so be it" - just looking to utilise MS Exchange and Powershell built-in capabilities.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
That achievement would be through a 3rd party.  Exchange has tools to track and find those emails vs sending you an alert right away.  Powershell would most likely do the same thing and just find the email vs let you know the minute it was sent.
arrorynAuthor Commented:
Not allocating points as no response was a resolution to the issue posted.
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