Migration of OWA from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010

I currently have a single public IP tied into mail.company.com on the SMTP Virtual server in my Exchange 2003 server.  Users currently use OWA by going to https://mail.company.com/exchange.
I have installed a Exchange 2010 server and used name.company.com during the install process and it is setup on both the internal and external https address for OWA in exchange 2010.
I have migrated only my mailbox over to 2010 and mail flow works internally/externally but naturally the OWA will not work since I don't have a 2nd IP and DNS A record.
If I migrate everyone over can I just change the URL's on exchange 2010 from name.company.com to mail.company.com and just do another self signed cert?  If not what is the normal process to get OWA working after a migration?
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Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
Yes and of course adjust the pointers to resolve to the new exchange or change the IP of the exchange server.
joeyj1970Author Commented:
So to get this correct I will need to create a self signed cert on 2010 with the external address as mail.company.com and then just change the 2 pointers currently on my firewall that have
static IP ---> 2003 server port 25 to static IP ---> 2010 server port 25
static IP ---> 2003 server port 443 to static IP ---> 2010 server port 443

Is there anything else?
Nick RhodeConnect With a Mentor IT DirectorCommented:
The URLs for the new exchange server also if you didnt install it with mail.company.com.

joeyj1970Author Commented:
Yes, the exchange 2010 box is setup currently with the same mail.company.com url as the exchange 2003 server.  So when I am ready I should just change the firewall policies to redirect to the internal IP of the 2010 server.
Do I need to do anything with the cert on the 2003 server or just use the self signed cert on 2010 that I just created?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I wouldn't use a self signed certificate.
Telling users to ignore SSL warnings isn't clever. They will only remember the ignore bit, not that you said on your site only. When you can get a trusted certificate for less than $60/year it rarely makes sense. Particularly as SSL is so important on Exchange 2010 - it isn't just OWA, but Outlook uses SSL constantly, both internally and externally.

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