Fibrenetix - E2-1652-F141-A1 connection to server

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I have Fibrenetix - E2-1652-F141-A1. I want to connect this device to my server model - DELL Poweredge 2950.

I do not have connectivity cable for RS232 and so i need help with the details as how i can make the RS232 cable to connect this device to the server.

The one end of the cable has RS232 female connecter and other end will be RJ11 connector.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAsked:
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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know what "FIBER TO LAN CONVERTOR" is, it might be Ethernet over fiber such as 1000BASE-SX for all I know, that's not fibre channel.
Is this a serial cable for management? By the looks of it you can configure it via the LCD panel, at least to give the management port an IP address so that you can use a web browser to manage the LUNs etc.

According to the current IP address is shown on the LCD display.

You'll need a fibre channel HBA to use it as storage of course, old 4Gb FC card are probably quite cheap by now.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Thanks sir but this device also has an option to be used with RS232 to communicate with the server and accessing it through Hyper terminal.

I would prefer RS232 channel to connect.

Can I have an idea as how i can make the cable at the RJ11 side.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Is it ok to use FIBER TO LAN CONVERTOR. Can i connect one end to fibrenetix with fibre cable and another end to the server with lan connector with the help of Fibre to Lan convertor.
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