I have enabled viewstate for ALL my controls and i need actually view state for postbacks, but

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I have enabled viewstate for ALL my controls and i need actually view state for postbacks, but I need to minimize the viewstate, disabling it for buttons maybe? or a static content. What is the failsafe strategy in this? Which controls actually don't require viewstate? How can i zip the viewstate?
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you're fighting a losing battle here - there is a solution and its called asp.net MVC - please dont take that comment the wrong way - it just is what it is... If your using webforms - its going to bloat, unfortunately... thats the trade off... your best bet is to manually disable view state one by one, but then you might as well use plain old html elements... Even with no controls on a page you're going to get some nice viewstate :( on the page...

zipping content is like anything else on the client, if it can gzip its going to, you wouldnt do your own manual zipping of html? also viewstate is encrypted so Im guessing compression ratio is not going to be appealing.

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