HP MT40 Thin Client - Broken Device Redirection after Imaging

Windows 7 Embedded OS

So, I prepped a source thin client, and had our client verify everything was good.
Initial imaging failed, apparently, because I was on HPDM 4.5 w/no service packs.
I'm fairly certain this is where the actual problem arose, and the device redirection broke.

SO, I proceed to update the HPDM to 4.5 SP3, and reattempt the imaging process.
Everything goes fine. I push the image to the remaining thin clients, and we deploy them to the users, only to find out that the USB Signature Pads no longer work.

To clarify a little, the USB sig pads WERE redirecting to the terminal server just fine, prior to the cloning process.
After the fact, it broke, but ONLY in the "User Mode" profile.
The Administrator profile still works fine.

This leads me to believe the problem exists in the "User Mode" profile, I'm guessing somewhere in the registry.
My big problem is that I can't seem to find a way to edit the registry for that account.
It's locked down pretty hard by HP, and there is no utility like in the old XP Embedded thin clients that allows you to unlock that account for editing.
I had a thought about trying to load the "User Mode" hive in regedit, but it appears I can't do that directly from the registry editor.
I've yet to try to open the NTUser.DAT with regedit via "Open With".

Who's the thin client guru around here?
I thought I knew my around pretty well, but this Win7 one is kicking my butt...

Edit: For gigles, I created a new user, and that one works fine as well.
I'm going to attempt to export it's registry to use in the other account (if I can figure out how to modify it).
PLEASE don't let this stop you from making suggestions! :)
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ITnavigatorsAuthor Commented:
Alrighty...Figured out a fix on my own.
The HKCU for the "User Mode" profile was missing some entries in software\microsoft\terminal server client\default.
I went in "Admin Mode", and loaded the "User Mode" profile hive, and exported the registry for that user.
Then I created a new user, and tested the sig pad. Once confirmed, I did the same for that hive.
Pulled them to my machine, and threw them into Beyond Compare, and started digging for differences.
I found the missing stuff, and manually added the entries. This got it going.
From there, I created a new template for File_Registry changes, and exported the changes I needed for HKCU, and pushed to the clients.

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