video card to run 3 monitors (no gaming) just business

i have  a user that needs 3 monitors.  they have a high end Lenovo workstation that has 2 PCI E 16 slots.  The video card presently in the machine has three ports, but only two work at a time.  The user is running a CCTV application on one monitor mounted on wall using a diplay port adapter to VGA on the television monitor.  The have two desktop monitors available that can use DVI or VGA.  I need a video cart that will run all three monitors at once.  None of the applications running on the machine are graphic intensive.  I was looking at some Radeon cards that say "Eyefinity" but did not know if these are capable of running three at the same time.  Thanks.
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insidetechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The least expensive and possibly cleanest way for your consideration would be adding a USB video. Simply plug in to the USB port and instantly you have third monitor.
If you are in US Best Buy carry few models starting at ~ $70...
257RobertsAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply, but will Windows 7 recognize the third monitor?
257RobertsAuthor Commented:
maybe need to clarify reply, but will Windows use the USB video device in addition to the two monitors running already off of the video card now in use in the machine?
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
I'd just get an ATI/AMD "Eyefinity" card, which you're already aware of  => these will support 3 displays at once  (4 on some of the cards).   No need for a 2nd card or external adapter.
Sure... I do this all the time, USB adapter will be recognized as second video adapter so third monitor will show up. For that matter you can aggregate the USB adapters or some have dual monitor interface build in so you can go with 4 monitors.
257RobertsAuthor Commented:
My supervisor decided to go with a dedicated video card $$$, but I had never seen the USB video option.  I will keep that solution in my "bag of tricks" to use at a later time.  I will split the points between the answers which were all very helpful.  Thanks to both of you.
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