Exchange 2007 / 2010

We would like to introduce a hybrid setup.

If we have an Exchange 2007 (SP3) server, can we install an Exchange 2010 (SP3) server directly alongside the existing Exchange 2007 server for the hybrid requirement? Do any of the roles have to be transferred from 2007 to 2010?

We want to minimise as many changes as possible.
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Check this link

It provides all the information you need for upgrade and coexistence.
HypervizorAuthor Commented:

I've read the document, however this doesn't seem to describe our scenario unless I'm missing something.

The only reason we want to introduce Exchange 2010 is so we can support an O365 hybrid setup. We thought you could just introduce the new server and sit alongside the existing 2007 server. We'd would eventually want to decommission the 2007, however for the initial hybrid setup we wanted to maintain as much of the infrastructure as it is.

So, can you install Exchange 2010 and not transfer the roles from 2007, at least in the short term?
I don't think you need to transfer any role, only change might be if you want to use your old OWA url to access exchange 2010 OWA, you need to rename old URL.

 Try this deployment assistant, it will show you prerequisites and steps involved.
HypervizorAuthor Commented:
OK, I've had a look through the docs, but I still cannot see any definitive answer to the question whether I can simply add an Exchange 2010 (SP3) / 2013 server with just the CAS role (as required by the hybrid solution) and leave the Exchange 2007 server roles exactly as they are.
Yes you have to leave exchange 2007 roles as it is,  check the section "Before you begin" of the deployment assistant, the new hybrid server will route mails between on premises and office 365 mailboxes, you can optionally change OWA url on old servers and use the url on hybrid server, the hybrid server will redirect OWA requests to exchange 2007 server or 365 depending. As long as there are mailboxes on exchange 2007 it requires exchange 2007 CAS and hub transport roles.

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