PowerShell Commande to do a subst

i need a commande to be able to do the following in PowerShell

Subst w: p:\w

but i need it to vérify if the letter is allready in use by a network share and if so unlink it firts
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I dont know about PowerShell, but it should be really easy with command prompt. SOmething like this should work

@echo off
net use t:
if errorlevel 2 (
      subst w: p:\w
) ELSE (
      net use w: /d
      subst w: p:\w
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Agree - no need to use PowerShell here. I would take a "brute force" approach by just trying to remove the net drive, ignoring any error, and then call subst:
@echo off
net use w: /D 2> nul
subst w: p:\w

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BTW, the code in the prior comment needs to check for drive w: instead of t:, of course.

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Right, when I was testing it I used T:, must have forgotten to switch that to W: before posting it.

Thanks for the correction Qlemo
ntsabmanAuthor Commented:
The brut force one is more stable and did not fail in testing the firts one fail from time to time witch is weard.
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