Excel 2007 Links to workbooks do not work, unless manually by edit links button.

User's links to workbooks do not work following a machine

re-imaging, unless she manually edits the links and

remaps the links with the Edit Links button in Excel 2007.
The links always worked on her Excel 2007 before the re-imaging.

But now, when she closes and reopens the file, the links no

longer work.

 The manual link remapping does work for her, but she is

inconvenienced having to do this for multiple links

every time she opens each Excel file again.
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MontoyaConnect With a Mentor Process Improvement MgrCommented:
are you using UNC names in the link? that would keep the update and should not clear every time.
philip381Author Commented:
No, the user is using drive letters. She would have to redo all her links.
philip381Author Commented:
The thing is, it used to work with her previous computer, and now it is not working. Same files -- links not clearing. If I edit links, open , then I get them to work, but when she opens the file after closing it, the #VALUE error msg sits in each cell, and you have to hit the Edit Links button again to reconnect.
philip381Author Commented:
I tried replacing the network drive G:\ with \\SERVERNAME\ and got the #VALUE errors.
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