Safely remove and modify access-list via IPSEC Tunnel connection

e are moving to another ISP provider which results in changing our ip address configuration on our router interface. Interface 4 is connected currently to a cable modem going via ipsec tunnel.

interface FastEthernet4
 description Link to Cable Modem
 ip address 24.x.x.x
 ip mtu 1438
 load-interval 30
 duplex auto
 speed auto
 crypto map VPN

However, I will need to modify our access-list remotely. I know that if I remove the access-list, I will lose connectivity remotely. Can anyone suggest a safe way to do this properly? I will need to modify it but I know once the changes are pasted, I will lose connectivity. Any help?

Currently the access- list is as follows.

access-list 1 permit 24.x.x.x
access-list 1 permit 65.x.x.xx.x
access-list 1 remark SNMP and Remote Access
access-list 1 permit x.x.x.x
access-list 1 permit x.xx.x.x
access-list 1 permit
access-list 1 permit 65.x.x.x 0.0.0.x
access-list 1 deny   any log
access-list 100 deny   ip any host x.x.x.x
access-list 100 deny   ip any host x.x.x.x
access-list 100 deny   ip any host x.x.x.x
access-list 100 permit ip any any
access-list 101 deny   ip any host 24.x.x.x
access-list 101 deny   ip any host x.x.x.x
access-list 101 deny   ip any host x.x.x.x
access-list 101 deny   ip any host 96.x.x.x.
access-list 101 permit ip any any

crypto map VPN 15 ipsec-isakmp
 set peer 65.x.x.x
 set transform-set 3DES-SHA
 set pfs group2
 match address 101
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
Can you create an alternative link (temporarily) then change the main link and after that remove the temporary?

You only need a small mixup to complety lock yourself out...
Open up SSH temporarily on the outside interface. That way you don't have to depend on the VPN.

Also, do a "reload in 15" in case you lock yourself out, the router will reload in 15 min. Just make sure  not to save your changes.

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