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We have a Xerox 550 with a Fiery.
Also have a KIP and an old HP LaserJet.
Print Server is Server 2012 (although I think I ruled out that being the problem)
Desktops are Win 7 Pro x64

From any application, you hit File, Print, then when you hit Preferences there is a 7-10 second delay on the Xerox before showing the preferences page (to change duplex, staple, etc. settings).
The KIP and HP have admittedly much simpler settings, but they open pretty much instantly.
I though maybe it was something to do with my 2012 Print Server, so I installed the Xerox as a local printer on my machine and experience the same 7-10 second delay loading the preferences page. It's like it takes forever loading all the Fiery Driver/Printer Driver stuff.
Plus, if I just open Notepad, and hit file, print and don't go into the settings, I hear it start printing within 2 seconds, so no delay there.

Any ideas? Or can anyone confirm that's just the nature of the Fiery controller or Xerox Printer or something?
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The only thing I can think of immediately to check is general connectivity to the printers.  Ping the non-problematic printers and compare the latency to the problematic printer, see if there's a significant difference.  With some of the more complicated drivers, they may reach out to the printer for a status, like ink cartridge levels, errors, or other custom configurations that would be specifically stored on the printer and not on the server (copy to email addresses).

If you have the exact hardware ID of the controller, you could search for updated firmware that fixes problems like this (assuming it doesn't turn out to be a network latency issue).  I myself have not heard of any Xerox specific printer issues like what you've described, though I do have a few printers that take longer to open the printer settings (2-3 seconds).


Does anyone have a EFI Fiery Driver and a Fiery device on their printer that can confirm this behavior. I don't feel it's a connectivity issue, as if I hit print, it starts printing very quickly (within 2 or 3 seconds typically), it's just opening the Preferences Page to change print settings (duplex, staple, etc) that has the delay.
No large latency in pinging the Xerox or anything like that (in fact it was quicker than my old HP).
And yes, the Fiery communicates bi-directionally as when you open the preferences page you can see toner status, printer alerts, paper tray status, etc.
I disabled two-way communication in the driver. Problem resolved.
The printer is no longer reporting paper/toner/etc status to the clients, but the 7-10 second delay is now a reasonable 1-2 second delay. :)


I am accepting my own comment as the solution because it was the solution to my original problem.

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