need excel column to reference a secondary worksheet to corresponding entries with adjacent info

Greetings Experts!

im putting together an excel document used for inventory tracking.  I have one worksheet called "On Going Inventory" that has only the data for Column A and needs the corresponding data for Column B and C.  The corresponding data all resides on worksheet "Master Inventory".  Is it possible to make column B and C on the "On Going Inventory" worksheet automatically populate once inputted to Column A?  I attached my sample worksheet.

Many Thanks - Ells
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barry houdiniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use VLOOKUP formulas like this in B2

=IF(A2="","",VLOOKUP(A2,'Master Inventory'!A$2:C$19,2,0))

and exactly the same in column B except for a 3 in place of 2 to get the next column, i.e.

=IF(A2="","",VLOOKUP(A2,'Master Inventory'!A$2:C$19,2,0))

by using an IF function you can copy the formula down where you don't have data and results will be blank until column A is populated

see attached

regards, barry
ellsworth2000Author Commented:
ellsworth2000Author Commented:
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