Device bond 15 to 20 ADSL lines

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I need a device that can bond 15 to 20 ADSL lines plus monitoring managing internet users, create group for users with specific internet access rights, is there such a device especially from big companies such as CISCO or Juniper or any other.

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TimotiStConnect With a Mentor Datacenter TechnicianCommented:
"WAN bonding" devices are not magical, your users will use 15-20 outside IP addresses, and individual donwload speeds will be limited to one DSL line each.
You could cascade several devices that are capable of 4 or 8 lines each, but it seems like a fairly fragile solution.
Mushroom Networks provides an interesting option where they host the other end of the bond "in the cloud" and do some VPN-like magic, so you end up with only one public IP. But you'll need a monthly subscription for their service.

If you have a single site where you want to bond that many ADSL link why not get  a couple 100 Mbps Ethernet connections?

Bonding that many ADSL links does not make much sense, at least to me it does not.
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