Cisco Voice QoS

Currently in the HP ProCurve world we issue the following commands.

switch(config)#qos dsc-map 101110 priority 5
switch(vlan-511)#qos dscp 10110

By applying qos dscp 101110 to vlan 511 this overrides all of the signalling tags sent by the hpone as well as RTP and etc.

On a Cisco network we are currently using auto qos but I'd like to override all tags on the cisco network to priority 5 regardless of what the phones are sending. How can I accomplish this globally rather than per interface?
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I am not sure if I got your question correctly, but here is my thought.

auto-qos is suppose to be running for a period to let cisco build up your QoS automatically and you should trust the config that is built....... (is it done?)

Once you have the config ready, you can just remark all incoming/outgoing traffic at the cisco interface with cs/priority5..... probably a couple of mins job to remark.....


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BERITMAuthor Commented:
So the resolution here for me was to setup the obvious auto qos, mls qos trust cox, then set the extended priority 5 command on all interfaces. this seemed to resolve the issue. I am used to doing this at the VLAN level and not solely the interface level.

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