ASA - 3750 Trunk not able to ping gateway

I have the following configs on the ASA and 3750 switch: The issue is that I added the vlan
1533 (i.e switchport trunk allowed vlan add 1533) to the trunkport and cant ping the ip
address of the ASA for that vlan (i.e. ping I have icmp enabled on the firewall and can also ping the address. What am i overlooking to allow me to ping the
ASA gateway address from the switch. I tried an extended ping as well but unsuccessful.

Cisco ASA 5510 CONFIG

interface e0/1
decription Trunks to Inside Network
no nameif
no security level
no ip address
interface e0/1.1533
vlan 1533
ip address
nameif Tester-Valn
security-level 100
interface e0/1.1633
vlan 1633
ip address
nameif Development Vlan
security-level 100

!!!!!!Other vlans omitted for simplicity!!!!!


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/47
 description Trunk to Firewall Port E0/1 INSIDE
 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
 switchport trunk allowed vlan 1, 200-210,1533,1633
 switchport mode trunk
interface vlan 1533
 ip address
 no ip route-cache cef
 no ip route-cache
interface vlan 1633
 ip address
 no ip route-cache cef
 no ip route-cache
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What is the output of the command "show interface GigabitEthernet1/0/47" Are both interfaces up/up?
Do you have create the VLAN1533 on 3750 vlan db?

Also, provide the output for the following command to check the trunk status with ASA:

show int g1/0/47 trunk
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
If your switch has the proper gateway, then 1 possibility is eliminated.

It looks though that you may have route issues. Just so you know, routes may exist in your configuration in the Asa that may not show in the table when you show route

1st, let's trace the path from the switch to see where it is going

Also on the switch, do
show route
Show ip protocols

If no routing protocols exist, make sure to turn "ip routing" on and configure static route

On the firewall
Show route
Show run route

Do these above for now and we'll go from there

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My guess would go with gcl_hk as I have many times in the past defined a layer 3 vlan interface but forgot to define the layer 2 portion.
As far as routing goes, this should not be a concern (at least within the bound of a test ping between switch and directly connected ASA). Both devices have a local interface with the same subnet defined, and a ping between them doesn't require any actual routing. It is simply an ARP to get an IP to MAC mapping, and then from there it's direct l2/l3 communication over a direct link. As long as both the l3 interfaces are up and the l1/l2 portion is running properly you will be able to ping. This assumes that you are pinging to/from the vlan 1533 interface, and not specifying different source interface when performing the ping test.
Going beyond the ping may very well require some routing to be configured.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Ping works when he pings the 16 network meaning the switch most likely has a default route set to 16.?

Wait for the output I requested for first rather than jumping the gun
solarisjunkieAuthor Commented:
Thanks all and the issue was the connection to the firewall was actually through another switch. I added the vlans to that switch and the pings went through fine.
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