Java unsigned warning despite no Java

On an intranet web application, classic ASP, JQuery, but no Java.  Javascript yes, but no java.
Users are warned of an unsigned java application.

What are possibilities that would trigger this warning despite no known, apprarent association with the Java runtime?

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dpearsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An unsigned Java application warning suggests there may be an applet (remember those old guys from a decade or more ago) embedded on one of the pages.  Java these days is almost always used server side, but back in the day applets would require signing to avoid that message.

Something must be trying to initiate it.
Since we cannot see we cannot be much more help
Can you even post the html source?
KeithMcElroyAuthor Commented:
Well that is a start,  I can get just the source and load that into a separate file to see if
msg still appears then do deductive of elements to see what causes.
Will advise and will post html later
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