Citrix AppCenter Discovery issue (Config DB enabled recently)

For some reason, i could not discover AppCenter for past 2 days. It was working fine before we rebooted some VMs as a part of maintenance activity and brought it back. The only change I did last week is enabling configuration logging and it discovered successfully after that. During the weekend reboot activity, we had to reboot all VMs, this management server was running on Xenserver. Since it took long time to shutdown, i forcefully did a shutdown. But after the server came up, i could not discover. Also i promoted couple of servers to controller by removing and rejoining them to the farm. Changed them from session only host to controller

After going through few forums I did try the following:

1. Reconfigured ODBC and verify MF20.dsn
2. Ran Dsmaint config to update credentials
3. Recreated localhost cache and rade
4. Discovered but same issue. Change IMA and other Citrix service from network service to Local system. Still the same
4. Went to server roles, added COM+ network roles. Added Citrix group and Citrix admin user manually to DCOM group and also made sure they are in administrator groups
5. Rediscovered the farm but still the same issue
6. Ran DSCheck, it gave 2 errors showing 2 servers are having problem. Those server doesn't have IMA service started and it's deliberate so didn't mind it much

Not sure if config db caused any such issues.

But from my local Win 7 desktop App center i could discover other farms. We have 3 farms. 2 farms are 6.5 and one is 6.0. I can discover 6.5 test farm and 6.0 farm on same console.


I then logged into a test farm server (6.5), it had delivery console instead of App center. Tried to discover and it successfully DISCOVERED all three farms. I added 4 to 5 servers from production 6.5 where it discovered properly on the newly rejoined servers (rejoined after changing them to controller instead of session only mode). However it threw error on the default server, where all these days i used to manage production 6.5 farm.

I'm not sure why it didn't work on App center. Then went to server (rejoined to farm) and tried to do the discovery which failed but same worked from Delivery console from a remote server (belongs to test 6.5 farm).

Since it works on delivery console, I do not doubt datastore corruption nor Config database issue.

ALso i did install HRP02 to see if that fixes but didn't help. All other servers have HRP01.

Please help!!! I'm tired of troubleshooting for past 2 days
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Vijaya Reddy Pinnapa ReddyCommented:
I hope you already checked this article Click Here
basrajAuthor Commented:
Yes already checked. No luck
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
Obvious, but have you tested with a different user account?  verify you are pointing to zdc during discovery?
basrajAuthor Commented:
I fixed it by restoring datastore to an early state.

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basrajAuthor Commented:
My fix fixed the issue.
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