windows ssh (what tool and where to type in fields in textboxes)

using windows how can I type this ssh information to connnect to hostgator shared hosting via ssh

what do I need to download and where do I need to type

Host : hostname
Username :
Password : password
Port: 2222
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My first suggestion is WinSCP.
That's what I use to SSH into my linux boxes, routers, et al, remotely.
I prefer putty if you just need an ssh client.

If you need to transfer files, I would use FileZilla.
Steven CarnahanNetwork ManagerCommented:
Agree with savone on putty for an ssh client but I use WinSCP as suggested by Darr247 for transfering files. I haven't used filezilla.
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WinSCP has a menu entry for PuTTY and its default install makes a folder for it, but you have to download the latest version of it separately (there's a link to PuTTY 0.63 for Windows on Intel x86 near the bottom of the WinSCP download page).

Once you install WinSCP, go to Stored sessions and click the New buttonWinSCP - Stored sessionsTHAT is where you enter the information you queried about in your postWinSCP - Session Login InfoDon't forget to change the port number to 2222 for your custom port (or port forwarding) to work, and click Save when you're done if you don't want to have to re-enter all of it every time. You can also choose to store the password, though that's not a default.

If you want to use PuTTY after logging in, click Commands and select Open in PuTTYWinSCP - Logged in - Open in PuTTY (click for larger)

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I use PuTTY for an SSH terminal connection and CoreFTP for SFTP for transferring files.
rgb192Author Commented:
Thanks for ssh options and screenshot of where to type information in textbox
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