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I have an admin who's SharePoint 2007 server crashed.  I have SharePoint backups done via SharePoint scripts.  The admin plans to install SharePoint 2007 and all updates.  When I restore via the folders that have the backups will the IIS websites and SQL DBs auto-recreate?  Or do I need to create all website instances and DBs manually?
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It all depends upon what is backed up, but if the whole farm is backed up then it should all restore as it was.  
If individual site collections were being backed up then you will have to build the web apps (IIS and databases) from scratch in central admin.

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Do you know the command(s) that was doing the backups, or can you share the directory entries created by the backup?  

If the backup has folders like "spbr00xx", (implying a "full" farm backup) then chances are you can easily recreate the farm.  
If the backups are 'random' *.bak or *.cmp files (implying site collection backups) , then it will be more difficult.
gopher_49Author Commented:
It's in the format of spbr00xx.. So.. The entire farm is backed up..  The VM ended up mounting and no restore is needed..  At least I know I'm doing it correctly.  I also tested in a lab.

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