Using Inpuit form and recordset to update Access table

Private Sub Command27_Click()
     Dim db As DAO.Database
     Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
     Set db = CurrentDb
     Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("tbl_StaffEval", dbOpenTable)
     rs.Fields("ProviderID") = Me.List33.ItemSelected.Column(0).Value
     Set rs = Nothing
 End Sub

I using the code above to take the input for a ListBox with 4 columns and updating a table within the database.

The user selects one record from the List Box and clicks a Command Button to add a new record to the table.

I am getting an error Object Undefined on the line:

rs.Fields("ProviderID") = Me.List33.ItemSelected.Column(0).Value

The first column of data in the List Box is the ProviderID.


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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try changing this

rs.Fields("ProviderID") = Me.List33.ItemSelected.Column(0).Value



what is the rowsource of the listbox "list33" ?
what is the bound column of the listbox?
GPSPOWAuthor Commented:
The "List33" list box row source is a table of physicians, "DMisProviders".  I have only selected the ones that have an Active Flag of "Y" and I have selected 4 columns from the table to display in the ListBox:


The form user picks a line from the ListBox to be added to the table "tbl_StaffEval"

I will eventually bring in more fields, but I just want to test this on the first list box bound column (ProviderID)


Are you dealing with a multi select list box:

Dim varItem
For Each varItem In Me.List33.ItemsSelected
rs.Fields("ProviderID")  = Me.List33.Column(0, varItem)
rs.Fields("SomeOtherField")  = Me.List33.Column(1, varItem)
rs.Fields("YetanotherField")  = Me.List33.Column(2, varItem)

Next varItem

Open in new window

If the listbox does NOT have multi select enabled, then simply:

rs.Fields("ProviderID")  = Me.List33.Column(0)

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GPSPOWAuthor Commented:
Dale FyeCommented:

I think mbizup forgot the

rs.AddNew     'Between lines 2 and 3


rs.Update      'Between lines 5 and 6

lines in that block of code.
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