tool to backup Cisco switch and Firewall

Hi, Can anyone suggest a SFTP tool for me that can run schedule backup for a couple of Cisco Switches 3750 and Cisco ASA 5500?  Thanks
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Ken BooneNetwork ConsultantCommented:
What about CATTOOLS.  It uses SSH to login and grab the configs.  You can check it out here:

Its an easy to setup nice tool for quickly automating this task.
if you are up to writing a script (perl) (you may need to install perl packages to get the cisco part working

you can use this as a start


use Net::Telnet::Cisco;

if ($#ARGV != 2 ) {
	print "usage: script ciscoip username password file\n";

my $session = Net::Telnet::Cisco->new(Host => $ip);
$session->login($un, $pw);

my @output = $session->cmd('show run');

$foo = join('', @output);

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all you would need to do is output it to a file with the $file argument

and then you can use a batch file with all the details (or some other way) to export the configs
Hi there.

If you are backing up a switch, I would recommend copying off either the running-config or the startup-config PLUS the vlan.dat file. This additional file is the VLAN database and without this, your config may end up being useless.

The ASA should only need the running-config or the startup-config.

I would also recommend against using the output of sh run as passwords and VPN preshared keys and other items can be left out or hidden from a sh run. I would recommend using a command to copy the files over the network.
I use Robo-FTP for stuff like that.  If you want to run it as a Windows scheduled task then script would be something like:
WORKINGDIR "c:\local\archive"
FTPLOGON "sftp.myserver.tld" /user="UserID" /pw="secret" /servertype=SFTP /trust=all
RCVFILE "running-config" 
RCVFILE "vlan.dat" 

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You could also set it up to run as a Windows Service by changing the script to run as a loop with a big PAUSE /for=xxx at the bottom where xxx is the number of seconds between loop iterations and then you have a GOTO that send it back to the top.

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