.dbf to vb service or .net service to sql database

how to transfer data from .dbf to vb service to sql database
so I can generate a report for example
I have a clkdata.dbf which contains badgeno int ,datatime date,time varchar,clkid int.
what code would it need to transfer it to sql from dbf using vb thanks :)
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kennethzxcAuthor Commented:
here is the old sourcecode
I'll just change the values of the code but
I don't know what OS,SQL version and Visual Studio version and VPOLEDDB.1 will I use that is compatible with each other so I can't start thanks

FingerTech Visual Foxpro 9 DB                                                
 - clkdata.dbf --> holds mainly the attendance data needed to suffice the granularity requirement                                                
 - badge.dbf --> holds the information of the employee                                                
 - Timelog Table --> holds all information for the attendance report system                                                

Id      bigint
LogDate       datetime
LogType      nvarchar(3)
DoorNo      smallint
PeopleId      nvarchar(10)

id = sysgen                        
Logdate = clkdata.datetime                        
if clkdata.clkid = 1 then logtype = "IN" else logtype = "OUT"                        
DoorNo = "1"                        
PeopleId = badge.empno                        
The source code and the dbf files is attach in .rar thanks :D
How to create service that checks the dbf files by 20000 secs ? maybe put a timer?
kennethzxcAuthor Commented:
command is missing required clause. on DB Command.Fill(DSPAGEDATA,"Badge")
when I try to run it on a windows app , OleDbException was unhandled thnks guys

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