Group Policy change for Send/Receive Settings

Hi Experts,

I need to enable the option "Include the selected account in this group" as the sub-option "Download offline address book" is important to be enabled for my business.
Please refer to my screenshotScreenshot056
This need to be enabled for all my Outlook users.
The download of the OAB should happen on every Send/Receive.

I would like to enable this option on the Group Policy Management.

Can someone help me where I should start?

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Andrej PirmanCommented:
Here you can start by downloading ADM template for Office 2007/2010 for GPO:

By adding this template you will get additional options in Group Policy editor to configure some Outlook Send/Receive options. I did not try them myself, so there's no warranty to find there what you are looking for - but I guess you will :)
Hi there,

we had the exact same issue in our environment a few years ago. As there is unfortunately no separate policy for this option available we had quite some troubles solving this issue so we ended up opening a Microsoft Case. Here is the solution provided from Microsoft:

(in order to successfully deploy this setting you need to change it in the OCT (Office Customization Tool) and create a new *.msp file which you then can deploy on your clients) - you can run the OCT by dragging the Office2007 setup.exe to a command shell and adding the " /admin" parameter at the end e.g. "C:/temp/office2007_setup.exe /admin"

You are using OCT to create and deploy some changes in Outlook Send/Receive Setting for Office 2007

The .MSP file created by OCT is applied successfully, however the changes were not performed.

Changes in Send/Receive Setting for Office 2007 can be applied via OCT only if Outlook was never run before.
Once Outlook was started an a profile created, these settings will not be modified by an .MSP file

There is a way to "trick" Outlook to believe it was never launched.
To do so, it is necessary to delete two registry values before running the .MSP file.
Here are the steps to perform:

1. Create the .msp file.
    Please make sure that "Modify Profile" is selected under "Outlook Profile" section.
    Then change the "Specify Send/Receive groups" settings according to your policies.
    (see attached screenshots - sorry for the second one which is only in German)

2. Before deploying the .msp file to your workstations, two registry values have to be
    Make sure that MS Outlook is not running.
    Open the Registry editor ( Start -> Run-> regedit ) and browse to the following key :
    Inside this key, delete the following values:

3. Deploy the .msp file

4. Start MS outlook again - at this point, the Send/Receive settings should be changed.

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osagaranaAuthor Commented:
We found the Outlook file in charge of keeping these changes is *.srs
We will create a standard srs file and deploy to all our users in the way we want.
Of course this file can have several names. Usually is "outlook.srs".
Via SCCM we will rename all *.srs to "outlook.srs" and all new Outlook user profiles will be called "outlook".
This may resolve our issue.
osagaranaAuthor Commented:
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