Why do I have a notification?

See the pic... I show 1 notification on the Settings icon and I have checked everything and rebooted the phone.

iPhone 4S with iOS7

iPhone 4S iOS7 notification
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Kyle DaviesConnect With a Mentor Retail Software SpecialistCommented:
Try updating all you apps,
if that does not work
try reset to factory defaults
I think it is alerting you to a system software update. Go to Settings>General>Software Update
The current IOS is 7.0.2.  If you're on 7.0, you're not there yet, and strung is right, there's a system software update for you.
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Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
Side note, also if you plug your iPhone to a computer with iTunes, it should alert you if there is an update to install.

classnetAuthor Commented:
Sorry strung... it is not a software update... I already checked that.  I am on 7.0.2
Kyle DaviesRetail Software SpecialistCommented:
How did you update it?

Via iTunes? or did you do it Over the air using wireless (OTA)
classnetAuthor Commented:
Both OTA and then tried iTunes... I cannot update it anymore as I am up to date.
classnetAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the thoughts... I'm not going to reset or anything... I'll figure out what the issue is someday...
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