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mfc project - problems with header files

I have a MFC project I'm developing to use for a Labjack data-acquisition card. I had it to compile at one time but when I added some files to include I keep getting errors. I'm not sure whether to put the include statements in the cpp or the header files. There's too much code to list here so I have the zip file on my website:

labjack application
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Hi zliminator,

could you first simply post the part of the ouput where the first errors occur?

The link to the ZIP file seems to be dead ...

zliminatorAuthor Commented:
I don't know if I copied the link wrong but it should work. Here it is without the link:


Here it is with the link:

ok, there are several problems in the code.

First, the main problem is the file "labjackocx.h" includes "data.h" which itself again includes "labjackocx.h". The way you designed the classes (CData uses a CLabJackOCX and CLabJackOCX uses a CData) isn't possible this way. You can only solve this by using a forward declaration for one of these classes, i.e.: instead of including "data.h" in "labjackocx.h" simply add this forward declaration befor the definition of CLabJackOCX:

    class CData;

Further problems are:

Some header files are included more than once producing 'class type redifintion' errors. You should add a '#pragma once' as first lines in these headers:

In some files the class CLabjackApp3Dlg is undefinded, so you need to add '#include "LabjackApp3Dlg.h"' in these files:

In 'data-h' you include 'stdafx.h' which is either useless (since it's already included everywhere you include 'data.h') and not recommended (since 'stdafx.h' has a very special role regarding precompiled headers) - you should remove this.

In 'config.h' you include 'afxwin.h'. This is useless since it is already included via 'stdafx.h', you should remove this.

I hope I didn't miss anything.

Hope that helps,

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