How to Setup Citrix Universal Printing Correctly on XA65 - Server 2008 R2

I would like to implement Citrix Universal Print drivers in our XA65 Published Desktop hosts.

The hosts are:
*  Server 2008 R2 (SP1)
*  XenApp 6.5
*  Rollup Pack 2 installed
*  Citrix Universal Print Client 1.0.0 installed

The Print server is also a Server 2008 R2 host.
It has Citrix Universal Print Server 1.0.0 installed.

All of the print queues have been created. They are all Lexmark devices, so I have used the Lexmark Universal Print Driver v2.

I have configured the appropriate Citrix Policies to publish the print shares to the users,
*  Auto-create client printers - Do not Auto-create client printers
*  Auto-Create Generic Universal Printer - Enabled
*  Automatic installation of in-box drivers - Disabled
*  Client Printer Redirection - Prohibited
*  Default printer - selected from list of session printers
*  Direct Connections to the print servers - Disabled
*  Session printers - added UNC paths to the appropriate print server print shares
*  Universal Print Driver Usage - Use Universal Print Driver Only

I would expect with these settings that the print queues would map to the users session using the Citrix universal driver, however they map with the Lexmark Universal Driver instead.

I was able to get the queues to map with the Citrix Universal Drivers previously, but we did not end up using them. It is possible that since installing Rollup Pack 2, it has created another issue with the UPclient or UPServer?

I have read that there is a newer version of the UPClient/UPServer (1.1.0?), but I am unable to find where to download it from Citrix. The only link I can see on their site is for the version I am currently using.

I know the Citrix Policy is being deployed to the user fine, but I have either missed a setting or RP2 has broken UP 1.0.0
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HowzattConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the issue, since it was a new XenApp host that I created, I had not installed the Citrix Group Policy update to that host. As soon as I did, I edited the local computer citrix policy to use CUP and  the queues were created correctly using the drivers upon next the logon.
HowzattAuthor Commented:
Just to add, there are no events on either the XA host or the print server relating to any issues with not being able to load drivers etc when the users starts their session.

I have also tried deleting the printers from the users session (just to be sure), so they map fresh on the next login. No luck, still uses Lexmark drivers.
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