mvc 3 , wcf, and jquery

My goal is to create extremely simple wcf service, and allow our html website to consume them.

I just need a sample project that included all those items I mentioned.

MVC 3.0/razor, WCF with framework 4.0 and Jquery.

Thanks, and please don't send me URL unless your resource included all items I mentioned.

And the WCF must be separated from the html project.
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StephanConnect With a Mentor Lead Software EngineerCommented:
StephanLead Software EngineerCommented:
What is it that you desire in the total solution? Why choose WCF and don't just keep it inside MVC/Web API?
solution1368Author Commented:
I have a project for WCF only. and I have another project for MVC / Web.
That is why.
StephanLead Software EngineerCommented:
You can download the project here:

It contains the following items:
- MVC3 (+custom labelextensions)
- WCF along with MVC
- jQuery accessing WCF service
solution1368Author Commented:
hmmm...your is 2012 visual studio. and I only have 2010 ...
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