Unable to connect W8 workstation to Local Network

I'm having trouble connting a windows 8 workstation to an existing network. This is a new site for me and the network appears to use static IP's, LM Host lookup rather than dhcp which I'm more familiar with configuring a WS for.

I've upgraded the WS to Pro and have found where the network settings are made (new to W8 as well, great huh?). I've filled in the ip address using the setting of the workstation that is being replaced. How am I doing so far? After setting this including the dns and wins I rebooted but it had about 32 updates pending so I left it there until I return today. Ths IP's are 192.68.xx.xx's that connect to one server on one domain. Tried to join the domain before configuring the IP stuff but that failed stating that to network card was not configured, hah, no kidding. Anyway any tips or advise would me appreciated. I've getting to the screens I need by typing in at the start screen "network" or "cmd", etc. Any easier way? What about the Windows 7 shells that I can download, thoughts on that?


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DamjanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Type in ncpa.cpl  at start screen. That will bring you right to the network adapter/network connections settings. Hope this tip help you in some way.
reredokConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
You mean 192.168.x.x?
Use Netsh quick 'n' dirty

bjbrownAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, I have been successful in joining the computer to the domain however I'm getting a "limited access" message that allows connection to the server but unable to get out to the internet. Ideas?

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