Testing throughout speeds ... My homeplugs only give me x when in says Y

Ive been reading reviews- how do people know?

How to stress test a home plug ?
Copy a big file from a to b on two laptops?
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The best way is to use Iperf. Iperf is a tool to measure the bandwidth and the quality of a network link Here you have detailed tutorial - http://openmaniak.com/iperf.php

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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
besides iperf there is netio http://www.ars.de/ars/ars.nsf/docs/netio.

Problem with copying large files is that esp. on laptops the bandwidth of a disk is much lower then wire speed. Also you get reported the transferred size while the actual transferred data (including Protocol Overhead) can be 10% larger.

Network speed should be adapter -> adapter speed that is measured without additional overhead of disks, disk controllers, filesystems caching etc. etc.
Sandeep GuptaConsultantCommented:
nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
it's about an internal network, so referencing some external site won't help.
fcekAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Im going to test these
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