Graceful shutdown and power-up order of XenDesktop 56 infrastructure

Hello there,

We have power outage at Data Center coming up. I would like to know the order of graceful shutdown and power-up of XenDesktop Infra servers including Netscalers;

Primary Netscaler
Secondary Netscaler
Desktop Delivery Controller 1
Desktop Delivery Controller 2
StoreFront Server 1
StoreFront Server 2
Citrix License Server
XenDesktop DB SQL server
XenDesktop Profile managment Server
VMWare Hypervisor
DHCP server
DNS server
DC server
Please advise the order of graceful shutdown and subsequent power-up.

Thanks and Regards
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Shut down order:

1. Virtual desktops
2. StoreFront Server 2
3. StoreFront Server 1
4. XenDesktop Profile managment Server
5. Desktop Delivery Controller 2
6. Desktop Delivery Controller 1
7. XenDesktop DB SQL server
8. Secondary Netscaler
9. Primary Netscaler
10. Citrix License Server
11. VMWare Hypervisor
12. DHCP server
13. DNS server
14. DC server

If DNS, DHCP and DC are virtualized then VMWare should be the last. Powering up should be the opposite starting from 14.

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Casey HermanCitrix EngineerCommented:
You can also set your DC's and primary infrastructure to auto start when Vmware comes back up. So AD is working again without jumping through a bunch of local account hoops.

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