Cisco Wireless SSID change to hidden but keep associations

Good Morning

We currently have a Cisco 2504 wireless lan controller which is running image

WE have 33 Cisco 1142 AP's with 7 SSID's being broadcast. there is no AP groups except for the default and they are all being broadcast on all AP's.

We have about 40 Ipad 4 (IOS 6.3) which are currently connecting to one of the SSID's which is visible. I am trying to find a way to change the SSID to hidden without having to go round each Ipad and reconnect. However when I did a test SSID and connected them to it and then made that SSID hidden, they would not connect in which I suspect is the profile.

Is there anything we can do on the controller to circumvent this or do we have to delete the profile from each ipad and reconnect?

Thanks again for your time
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AkinsdConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Unfortunately, we haven't reached that level of Network Cloaking yet but it is coming.

It only makes sense that a connected device retains the information since it is already connected. The only difference is just the method of connection - Broadcast through beacon frames. This is due to the Reassociation process

Beacon is sent by Wireless Controller,
Probe Requests from wireless device,
Probe Responses from Controller,
Association or re-association Requests from device,
Acceptance etc

When the SSID changes from braodcast to hidden, it appears to the device as non-existing any more as it continues to look for the beacon frames from the controller for that SSID.
The device thinks it is connecting to a different SSID at that point when you manually type the SSID in.

We're not there yet on that technology but it is coming.
If you read:

Settings>WiFi>Choose a Network>Other...>Fill in Name and Password of hidden network

However, I have also read that it will take longer to connect to a non-broadcasting SSID and these days "hidding" your SSID really does not provide any additional security.  With the right software you can still find the SSID even if the WAP is not broadcasting it.
Syntax_IntergrationAuthor Commented:
Thanks - its the confirmation I needed for the client.

Many thanks
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
You're welcome

All the best
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