Demo of i Access for Windows v6r1m0


I am looking into an issue with our Windows Server 2008R2 connecting to an IFS share on our i5.  I have gone through many documents.  Many say that we need to be running i Access for Windows v6m1.  Our i5 is running v5r4m5.  

I dont want to upgrade our i5.  Does anyone know if you can download a trial of this software?  I just need to see if it works first, before upgrading.

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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
No need to get a trial.  You can just order the no-charge refresh.

If you download the refresh, it is free.  If you order physical media, there is a small charge.

- Gary Patterson

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Note that shares out to a Windows network have no connection to iSeries Access. Your better direction is to describe the actual problems you are having and see if we can help.

Also, you don't need a demo. You should be able to install the free components anyway. Though they won't affect any Windows-style shares, you would be able to use iSeries Navigator to manage and monitor shares created on your i5.  Installing the free components on a PC assumes you have all needed components already installed and active on your i5.

Usually, installs on PCs can be done by downloads from the i5. But if you're having trouble with shares, that's not helpful.

PlatformITAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys - much appreciate your input and advice.  this has now been resolved, as in getting a copy of i Access.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Actually - Tom should get the points on this one.  I'm afraid I just skimmed the question and missed the real issue.

He's exactly right - connecting from Windows 2008 to an iSeries share has absolutely nothing to do with IBM i Access for Windows.  You don't even need the product installed on the Windows box to do that.  

The Windows side of a file share connection just uses native Microsoft functionality.

The iSeries function you need to deal with is called NetServer - a utility that runs on the iSeries.  

NetServer is the service that runs on iSeries and provides Windows-compatible (SMB/CIFS) file and print services.  It has some well-known issues with Win 7 and Win 2008.  

IBM provides detailed Technotes you need to follow to get this working (many refer to Win 7, but the same problems and solutions apply to Win 2008):

Note there are host PTF's that are generally required to get this working reliably, so make sure you are current on V5R4 PTFs before you get started to save yourself a lot of unnecessary problems.

If your only issue is accessing IFS file shares from Windows, then the IBM i Access for Windows is moot - but since it came up and you are already dealing with Win 7 / 2008 issues, I'll mention that it does have it's own issues with Win 7 and Win 2008.  You'll want to make sure you install a supported release and service pack level on any Win 7 / Win 2008 machines.  

Here are the supported IBM i Access for Windows / Windows OS combinations:

And here are the supported IBM i Access for Windows / host OS release combinations:

- Gary Patterson
If NetServer PTFs are needed, they're possibly the best answer to any problem of shares. An iSeries Access demo will only help as far as a possible GUI for management of shares. Still, if we don't know the actual problem, it's hard to be confident about actual real fixes.

Regardless, the PTFs should be confirmed if any ongoing use of shares will be done out to the Windows network.

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