Twitter Bootstrap 3 Width Issue

I'm looking to move an application onto the bootstrap 3 framework.

Is there any way to play around with the default width or even to just change the margins ?

I have a decent understanding of how the pages are put together. the grid system works on 3 different media queries to change depending on screen site. the max screen is 1200px and on bigger resolutions you get a lot of white space.

the problem comes from the container class. i have tried running without this but i ran into problems with contained item widths later on.

this is an example of a full width bootstrap which appears to use it's own container :

this is an example of the standard page with white space :

i guess, what i'm asking is.. is there a way to change things in bootstrap without having to write my own containers and thus deal with other issues later ? if this is the case, i may as well just leave bootstrap alone

thanks in advance
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Scott Fell, EE MVEConnect With a Mentor Developer & EE ModeratorCommented:
The container is not part of bootstrap.  You can set that yourself.  You will see in the template link, they have their own custom css for that.  Bootstrap's grid is in percentages. The media queries are based 4 widths including:

Extra small devices Phones (<768px)       
Small devices Tablets (=768px)       
Medium devices Desktops (=992px)       
Large devices Desktops (=1200px)

The idea is you may use 4 columns for your large device and stack the columns for for the phone.

Bootstrap only provides the core files so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time.  You still need to create your custom css.  That is why you see a big difference in the look from your  sample link with the theme vs the simple sample from bootstrap that is just a demo of the function and not meant to use in real world "as is" although people do.
if this is the case, i may as well just leave bootstrap alone

If you are not willing to step outside if the box that third party tools put you in, then you will have to live with limits.

That is to web development, what using canned mushrooms is to gourmet cooking.

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