Google Encrypted Search Terms showing up as Not Provided

I am up to 60% search terms "Not Provided" because search terms are now encrypted.

I don't see the point since the terms are not identifiable to any one person or at least can be provided that way.  

I guess if you just continue with having good content, search will follow.

How does this affect your seo strategy?
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Scott Fell,  EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorAsked:
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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I just keep doing content that works for my niche.  What I look at is what pages score from Google.  I have never been much for keywords, and the way Google is doing things context of the search terms is as important as the keywords themselves.

There is still enough data from non-encrypted search to extrapolate anyway.  It is like we both keep saying CONTENT...CONTENT...CONTENT.  Google keeps changing the rules around, but there is one thing that has always worked; good content.  As long as the traffic is in an uptrend there is nothing to worry about.  If it starts down, then you need to look at it.

As long as there is enough unencrypted search data to form a large enough sample I don't see it as a problem.

GaryConnect With a Mentor Commented:
But in case you don't know Google is going fully anonymous with searches - so very soon you will have no keywords period.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorAuthor Commented:
Yes, like I said, I am up to 60% without.  I think this is a good thing over all.   It prevents people from chasing keywords and will eliminate  the types of businesses that feed of that.  I have been using tools that analyze content and let you know what phrases are heavy and the percent of the content they make up.  I think pairing that up with results is helpful.  The key is to make site content for humans to gain knowledge about your topic.  

I still think it is a shame.  We know that a clear text search term has to get passed in order for the search to work.
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Didn't realise this was you padas.
Google's logic is they know what your keywords are so just concentrate on the content.

Cd& kinda said the same thing already.
Yes the latest thing from Google is called Hummingbird and it favor hashtags over keywords, especially Google+ hash tags... scary.  Looks like Google is trying to out flank Facebook to hold on to its advertising market share by making Facebook links worth less.

Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorAuthor Commented:
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