How do you install a .bin file onto ESXi 5.1 host? User authority level is not sufficient


We currently have ESXi 5.1 installed onto an IBM HS23 Blade Server.  I need to upgrade the internal Raid Card's bios and firmware.

When I look at the IBM website I have downloaded the correct file:

"ibm_fw_mpt2sas_hs23-1.15_linux_32-64.bin"  which it states is for vmware.

I copy the file to either the root or the tmp directory of the host.  I then use the command chmod +x to make the file executable, and then run the file with the -s extension.

I receive an error message stating:

/tmp # ./ibm_fw_mpt2sas_hs23-1.15_linux_32-64.bin -s
User authority level is not sufficient
Encountered mmap function error 22, User authority level may not be sufficient
This update is not meant for this system.

What am I doing wrong?  I am connecting to the host using putty and under root user

Thanks in advance
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
It looks like a Linux SAS Controller Firmware update file. ESXi is not Linux, and has no service console.

You use the utilities provided by the vendor, to update the firmware, which means a reboot from USB or CDROM.

This file is designed for ESX, not ESXi.
WolfAuthor Commented:
But the vender, IBM, just provide the .bin file and say it is compatible with vmware 5
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
It can be used "as is" on a Linux system, otherwise

 "This package can be used with several of IBM's update management tools,
  including IBM UpdateXpress Manager, IBM UpdateXpress System Packs, IBM
  ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator, and IBM Director."

See here

         - Rollback to a previous firmware level is not supported.
         - VMware systems must run this update using IBM ToolsCenter Bootable
           Media Creator.

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WolfAuthor Commented:
Thank you for teaching me how to read ;)

I ended up using  IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator and it worked perfectly

Sorry for wasting your time
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
That's not problem, you are not the only VMware Admin, which assumes most firmware updates are suitable for ESXi, and you will not be the last!

Glad to help!
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