Clone dynamic disk

I have a server 2003 R2 with a single partition SATA drive for data that is about running out of space.
So I moved the drive to another machine (identical hardware) together with a new, larger drive, then booted Acronis from a cd-rom to clone the drive.

Even though listed in bios, Acronis couldn't see the old drive, and it came to my mind that it was a dynamic disk and I had to convert it to a basic disk to proceed.

So I moved the drive back to the original server. But now the server will not see the drive - it simply isn't showing up in Disk Manager - just as if the drive is physically not present.

What should I do to make the server recognize its old drive?

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Gustav BrockCIOAsked:
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Make sure the disk is properly connected and seen in the BIOS. If diskmanagement can't see it then it is most likely a hardware problem like that.

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You will always lose information on the disk during dynamic to basic conversion, there were clear warning while you did it?

There's a hack I read which could solve your problem (if you didn't do anything with the disk, like writing to it or formatting):
Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
Thanks - and no, I didn't write anything to the disk.
It may not be before the end of the week I can check this out but I'll be back with my findings.

Gustav BrockCIOAuthor Commented:
Ouch. I got a monitor and keyboard connected (the server is normally remote controlled only).

After a little try-and-error I found out that it was the SATA cable that had failed.
Hard to believe. I hadn't done anything else than pulling the drive and putting it back but that trigged the fail.
A new cable is attached and the server is spinning.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

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