how to setup retention of date specific email and purge the rest on a mailbox

client has a 2008 server
client has a mailbox that is a catch all mailbox as all in coming messages are captured to this mailbox. the mailbox ends up getting pretty big over time.

i need to setup a way to hold the most recent 90 days worth of email in that mailbox only. and have it purge anything past 90 days and things get older so old data doesn't accumulate and kill the IS.

this is only for one mailbox, i do not want to setup anything that could effect data retention anyone else.

please provide a manner to implement this.
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
What you will need is a retention policy in exchange and apply it to his mailbox only.

here is a blog on how to set this up but he us applying it to all users so you would only want to apply it to a single user but same process. He also uses powershell to apply where you can do this in the GUI under mailbox settings of that user under messaging records management.
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