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Script repository (cmd, ps1, vbs ...) or other files?


I wonder how you guys keep track of all your scripts and find the stuff back.
You can keep it in different notepad-files and then look for f.e. count numbers in AD group.ps1
Before there was google desktop or windows search which indexed it but now ...?
Note: I keep my files in dropbox so the inventory should also be in dropbox ...

Please advise.

3 Solutions
Bill PrewCommented:
I tend to just keep mine in files, stored in folders that organize by topic or related application, etc.  I will often search the entire repository using a windows grep type tool looking for several keywords or phrases and then review the actual hits to see which might have useful components for the next project.

As always good commenting, file naming, and folder structure go a long way.  In addition for larger efforts there will always be some documentation that describes the purpose and interaction of the various scripts.

I've set up a small wordpress blog for this particular purpose. You can find some ready-to-use appliance to ease this task.

Your "articles" can be stored in categories, tagged, searched, tracked for modifications, multi-edited and shared with friends.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
I am in line with billprew.  I have paid dropbox and keep a folder of folders and files for snippets I use over and over again.  Most of what I do is web dev so it is a matter of including the files I need for that project.  

For Mac, there are a big handful of inexpensive code snippet repositories but by naming and organizing, my simple way works for me.
I do pretty much the same as billprew.  You can change the Windows indexing options so that for .ps1 files the contents are indexed as well as the properties.  I think .vbs files are already like that by default.
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