How can javascript read cookie cross-domain?

Dear experts,
I have following requirement:
1. I have website,
2. I have put javascript in the page;
3. When user access, the javascript is loaded to the user's browser;
4. the javascript should access some cookies which set by

How can i implement that, or is there any workaround solution to do that?

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You cannot do what you propose.  It would be a huge security risk and no browser is ever going to permit it.

If you control both domains, then you could put scripting on the target page to fetch the cookie and pass it server side but you would be begging to be hacked.


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matiascxAuthor Commented:
Hi, Cd,
Thanks for your response.
It is a little depressed for me to hear about that.
Can you give more explaination on your proposal?
I can not understand. If the both domain is under my control, how to implement that?
If the is not under my control, is it possible to read the cookie via the js in
I am invstigating possible solutions for that scenario.

Thanks again.
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Because of security restrictions in modern browsers, you are not allowed to read the cookies belonging to someone else or some other domain.  Basically, cookies from another domain are none of your business and you have no rights to view them.
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