can I company turn off thier Delivery Receipt ?

can I company turn off thier Delivery Receipt ? and block your request to receive that email when you send them a email and what about read Receipt.
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
In addition to what the expert above stated, you must understand that email transiting discrete systems is easily mutable.

The communication between discrete email systems is largely based on a voluntary understanding of protocols. What makes matters worst is that at the heart of the system, an email is literally nothing more than a text file... even if it has attachments and html and all sorts of pretty formatting and graphics.

Being that an email IS a text file, it is amazingly easy (provided that the skill is there) to readily strip out whole chunks of a message, including the commands in an email header which indicate to an email client to send back a response that the message has been read, long before the message has been delivered to the recipient's mailbox.
1030071002Author Commented:
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