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Over the years, I have accumlated numerous hard drives all with data on them I want to keep. (Old customer accounts, files, etc... things that I will probably never need again, but need to keep in case I need the oddball thing off them).

Is there a program that runs on Mac that will index the filetree of these drives in a datbase, so that later when I go looking for a file, I can search the database, and it will tell me which hard drive it was on?

This would require that I either give the hard drives friendly names in the database and / or label the hard drive in real life.
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Sigurdur ArmannssonConnect With a Mentor DesignerCommented:
My personal opinion choice here is DiskTracker ( I have used it for many years.

While it is not the prettiest interface it has great search abilities and is quite fast in searching.

I use simple numbering 0001 and up for the names of the disks. You have to label the disks on the outside.

It's a shareware so you can try it out before investing.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
You might also want to try neoFinder - has some good filtering tools on the catalogue

I used it when it was called CD Finder years ago and liked it a lot.
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