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I am in the early stages of understanding how Wordpress  and php works.  I have developed a child theme and my question is when placing functions.php into my child theme directory, should the functions.php file in my child theme be a copy of the parent theme functions.php with my changes appended to it, or should the child theme functions.php be stripped of everything from the parent functions.php with only my changes?

Sorry, I know that is a long question and hopefully it makes sense.  Just trying to get an understanding of how this works.

Thank you.
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Chris StanyonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The child functions.php file should just be new functions or updated functions. As the child file is loaded first, your parent file should declare the function conditionally - that way your child functions won't be overwritten. In your parent function file declare your functions like so:

if ( ! function_exists( 'some_function_name' ) ) {
    function some_function_name() {

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deitercat2Author Commented:
Thank you, That's what I thought, since this is the way I handle the style.css file.  I just wanted to be sure.  I Appreciate your answer.
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