subversion(SVN) repository information


i am new to subversion. I am not clear on below terms

merging, patch, rebasing , tag, trunck, branch, head,sync merge, pull request,.

Why we need each of them, advantages, disavantages, practical uses of them.

Please advise. Any ideas, resources, sample code highly appreciated. thanks in advance
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That's a huge question - each of those is a complex topic in itself.  I think you'll need to break this up if you are looking for help understanding each concept.

Off topic: If you are not forced to use SVN, consider switching to Git. I have personally considered SVN instead of my earlier use of CVSNT as it is probably the closest new replacement. I am glad I have finally chosen Git.

For your information, you can also use Git on the top of SVN.
To answer all your questions I suggest reading Subversion Documentation (Version Control with Subversion), especially chapters 1. Fundamental Concepts and 2. Basic Usage...

Some more helpful links for you:
Source control in ten minutes: a Subversion tutorial
Version Control with Subversion

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