Hyper-V Warning: Intergrated Services Upgrade Needed

we are having a problem with one of our Hyper-V server
Host server running two VM's
one is a Windows 2012 std server (where the database is located)
two is Windows 2008 R2 std server (remote desktop services)
today strange, users unable to connect to database application
checked servers all looked okay except the RDS server running very slow, but cpu and memory don't show this
on host server under hyper-v manager found the RDS server showing the following warning on the networking tab; status: degraded integration services upgrade required
and the following under the server manager - hyper-v tabs
Hyper-V Data Exchange connected to virtual machine 'SUP-RDS', but the version does not match the version expected by Hyper-V (Virtual machine ID FFF9A1AB-04E5-4BC0-95C0-37AD3EF5BFF4). Framework version: Negotiated (3.0) - Expected (3.0); Message version: Negotiated (3.0) - Expected (4.0). This is an unsupported configuration. This means that technical support will not be provided until this problem is resolved. To fix this problem, upgrade the integration services. To upgrade, connect to the virtual machine and select Insert Integration Services Setup Disk from the Action menu.

Ran the insert integration services setup disk and it stated it succeeded but that was it; nothing else and server still having issues

All help is greatly appreciated
David ElebuteSystems ConsultantAsked:
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David ElebuteConnect With a Mentor Systems ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Okay, we finally fixed it!
stopped both VM's, checked virtual adapter settings and still getting message on RDS server NIC
ran integration services upgrade upon boot up of RDS VM; went through prompts to run upgrade from MS Windows Update site; completed successfully and restarted host server
all working
thank again for all your help and suggestions
Have you restarted the VM since upgrading the integration services?
David ElebuteSystems ConsultantAuthor Commented:
yes we have restarted the host; the db server and the rds server
still getting error on the rds server networking tab about the integration services
thank you OriNetworks
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
What is the version of Hyper-V?
David ElebuteSystems ConsultantAuthor Commented:
researched and kept trying to run integration services upgrade, when completed error gone and system performance back to normal
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