Windows Server 2012 Cannot break 2TB barrier

I have a Dell T620 with 5 x 2TB drives RAID 5 (available 7450GB)
During Windows installation it sees 2TB and 5TB and only allows to install on 2TB partition.
Is there a way to install on one partition that would be the available amount of 7TB?
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
2012 Supports >2 TB drives fine.  But you cannot boot to a disk that is not of a GPT type that is larger than 2 TB.  Further, you cannot install Windows on a GPT disk UNLESS the system has UEFI instead of BIOS.  If you're not sure (some can switch) contact the hardware maker.

Otherwise, if this is not intended to be a boot disk (r contain the boot disk) then in Disk Management, convert the drive to GPT and you can access the full size of the array.

Using old Dell terminology, if the server doesn't have UEFI, you may be able to chop the RAID up (that means wiping what you have) and create a <2TB drive to boot from and then another drive with the remainder of the space.  The Raid controller should present them as separate physical disks.
Does your RAID controller support that? You can usually check your raid controller by pressing a 'special' key during boot time.
jplatovskyAuthor Commented:
RAID 5 created a virtual disc of 7450GB
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