Hi Experts,

Below you will find my html test page and the vb.Net code I am using to try to turn both the <a> tag backgrounds green. Why does it not work?

<html xmlns="">
    <title>H Test</title>
    <div >
        <a style="background-color:Red;" href="">Google</a></div>
    <br />
        <a href="">Yahoo</a></div>

Dim elementCollection As HtmlElementCollection

elementCollection = WebBrowser1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("a")

        For Each element As HtmlElement In elementCollection

            element.SetAttribute("style", "background-color:green;")

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Have you stepped through the code to see if it is running through the for loop?

Does changing green to Green help?
DColinAuthor Commented:
The code is running the loop and Green makes no difference.

Does the browser need to be refreshed after the attributes are changed or does the SetAttribute do that automatically?
It should do it automatically. Experiment by adding a button which does the same thing in Javascript and see if that works.
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DColinAuthor Commented:
The following javascript works.

        function TurnGreen() {

            var elementsCol = document.getElementsByTagName("a")

            for (var index = 0; index < elementsCol.length; index++) {
                document.getElementsByTagName("a")[index].setAttribute("style", "background-color:Green");
DColinAuthor Commented:
Accessing the elements style property like this works

element.Style = "background-color: green"

This for some reason does not.

element.SetAttribute("style", "background-color:green;")
Accessing the elements style property like this works
You'r correct. HTMLElement methods Get/SetAttribute names are wrong. Actually, they access element's PROPERTY (string OR object) rather then ATTRIBUTE (strings only). You can check this by Debug.Print (element.GetAttribute("style")) - you'll get "com_Object" (== style PROPERTY) instead of semi-colon separated string (==style ATTRIBUTE). Since SetAttribute allows strings only, for complex properties like style in pseudo-code it should be smth like
element.SetAttribute("style.backgroundColor","green") - but in real code this cannot be done.
So you must use element.Style syntax for styles.

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